On December 9, 2005, Fr. General appointed a small commission — composed of Herbert Scholz, Herbert Oeynck, and Timothy Lenchak — to assist in the rearrangement of the Generalate Archives. The Generalate Archives comprise the following sections: (1) Current Archive, (2) Founder's Archive, (3) Historical Archive, (4) SVD Authors' Library, (5) Photo Archive.

In the course of time the commission was asked to also include in its work the following related entities although these are not directly part of the Generalate Archives: (1) Generalate Documentation Room, (2) Generalate Library, (3) Generalate Publications Department, (4) Collegio Library.

(Source:    SVD Generalate Administrative Handbook p. 45)

This website provides librarians and users online access to

  • the Collegio Library
  • the SVD Authors' Library

Note: The Collegio Library and the SVD Authors' Library use a common database for better search results. The first call number of each bibliography item should tell customers which library/location the item belongs to.

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